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Wild Nature
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 About Me

Eric, 34

Hello, i'm a photographer based out of Yelm Washington. Growing up, I always had a creative mind and natural abilities when it came to art. I was always drawing and doodling as a child, typically drawing from my imagination. As I aged, I began to notice that true beauty is in nature itself and all things real. Many people don’t realize they are surrounded by the most beautiful things ever created. Imagination is great and allows one to dream. However, look at your current surroundings… the way the trees move in the breeze, the natural colors adapted by nature itself. You are living IN a dream. Take a deep breath. It’s a wonderful place to be, Alive. Enjoy It!


I picked up my first camera back in 2012 on a whim, it was tax season right and I wanted to try it out. I never expected to connect so deeply with it. What was a weekend hobby quickly turned into a passion and a perfect career for me. Capturing natural beauty or altering it slightly to make a unique work of art has moved me from a hobbiest to a full on professional. I have spent countless hours studying tricks and techniques of the trade and shot over 45000 photos, meticulously reviewing and critiquing every photo, learning and growing from every angle. I love what I do, I love showing my clients how amazing they are and the world over, how beautiful life truly is.


While I have mastered many photography styles, I most enjoy freezing fast moving subjects, for instance bugs, cars, auto racing, sports or people at play and in their daily life. I feel a sense of adrenaline when I snag that tack sharp image of speeding car or sense of wonder when a child experiences the natural world. I pride myself on providing crisp, beautiful and emotional photographs from start to finish.


Yelm Wa, USA


Instagram: eric_farlow


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